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Dragoon Rage's PC's
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Name: Alex Van Leyen
Age: 18
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160 lbs
Gender: male
Race: Human
magic: Will Power
D&D Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Hometown: unknown, however his home is located in Selas
Favourite Drink: Rootbeer, imported
Favourite Weapon: Lightning 4000 Handheld Crossbow
I am the creator of Dragoon Rage. I'm also incredibly lazy, thus I let the creatures run and rule themselves, giving me plenty of time to walk about the planet. I never get myself included in their politics, provided that they don't do something idiotic like the last global war we had in our earlier years. I absolutely love going on a grand adventure, and can't stand staying in one place for too long. As I post out more pages from the archives of Dragoon Rage, you'll quickly notice that I have a tendancy to sit on the edges of cliffs. these are perhaps the most comfortable places I can sit down out in this world, as I can veiw places miles and miles away. I absolutely hate rootbeer theives, usually go on murderous rampages when I catch a group of them. Huzzah!

Image not developed Name: Ekleipsis
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Magic: None!
D&D Alignment: Neutral Good
Home in Dragoon Rage: Portal Outpost
Favourite Drink: Water, because I can't get sick of it.
Favourite Fresh Food: Mango, because it's slightly better than peach.
Favourite Prepared Food: Spaghetti, because it's just so damn good.
Favourite Spice: Cinnamon, because, well... CINNAMON damn it!
Preferred Weapon: Staves, because of their versatility and nonlethality.
Ekleipsis is the weird one, so to speak, being the only one of us so very mundane that he lacks even the slightest hint of powers. He is mundane because he is too realistic -- always has been. Ekleipsis is also comparatively short, quite frail, and pretty ugly. As compensation, he has crafted a kind of electronic armour and staff that greatly enhances his combat prowess and overall versatility. This mad genius is the one who devised the containment field for the chaotic portal between Reality and Fantasy.

Ekleipsis is, without a doubt, a control freak. He prefers to have the upper hand in any confrontation, eschewing such clumsy concepts as "honour". Ekleipsis believes that, as long as he is in control, he can produce a more universally favourable outcome. He is uneasy about killing, and because of this, he is unlikely to initiate combat unless there is a very good reason for it. He has a strong sense of justice, and treats people the way they deserve to be treated, with little variation.

Like honour, Ekleipsis feels politeness to be a waste of time that simply impedes progress; even so, he is really a good person. Also, though he appears weak, he is quite capable of defending himself even in the absence of his augmenting equipment.

Ekleipsis is Alex's friend, advisor, and critic. He holds visible disdain for many of the other cast members, whom he views as lazy, untalented, and uninspired. For obvious reasons, he is antipathetic towards Etherial and Wolfe, who not only possess evil tendencies, but preposterous statistics as well. Finally, Ekleipsis considers Dark Phantom to be a joke.

Image not devloped Name: Etherial
Age: 19
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 192 lbs
Gender: male
Race: Angelic / Human
magic: Angelic
D&D Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Hometown: unknown, yet to be stated
Favourite Drink: also yet to be announced
Favourite Weapons: Composite Bow W/ Magic arrows, Angel Blade
Best friend with Wolfe, but not as powerful. Armed with his Angelic sword dubbed "Orthae", he fights for his own cause. He is a psychotic freak, and is plotting with Wolfe most of the time. He is normally calm, unless is with Wolfe, near Rootbeer Theives, or is given Psychotic Twizlers.

Name: Siobhan Ann Moynagh (nicknamed Sam)
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Don't ask
Gender: Female
Magic: Healing arts, ninjitsu illusions, 'Ryume'
Zodiac: Dragon Weapons: Kunai, shuriken, katana
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Home: Isle of the Zodiac
Favourite Drinks: Iced Tea with lemon, red berry and yoghurt smoothies
Quote: "My siblings are my family, and despite their flaws I have an obligation to help them if they're in trouble. But this is
            nothing for Tony; it's just that because of his build and baggy clothes people underestimate him."

Best card game: Stop the Bus (family card game)
In the world of Dragoon Rage, Siobhan travels with her siblings. As the eldest, she's the leader, and for good reason. Levelheaded, quick-thinking, highly observant and not afraid to use a little common sense, she finds a way out of the worst of situations, which proves useful when breaking Saraha and Tony out of deadly ancient traps. However, when in a town she often does work as a licensed bounty hunter in order to pay for everything, since the bills they rack up outweighs the treasure they find. Siobhan is also in charge of the money, much to her sister's annoyance.

As an author, Siobhan sits between Ekleipsis and everyone else. Although she enjoys fantasy, she wants it to make sense within its context. From time to time she reads the scripts provided by Alex and Etehrial to correct spelling errors and suggest ways to continue the story.

While cunning and having a strong sense of justice, she is true to her sign and has a hot temper, although it has a slow burning fuse. Although tomboyish, she loves animals and is a chocoholic. Her fighting style is the use of ninjitsu, combining illusions with combat. However, she also possesses a technique unique to her sign, the 'Ryume' (dragon eyes). This allows her to paralyse by staring directly into someone's eyes.

Name: Anthony 'Tony'
Age: 16
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 120lbs
Gender: Male
Magic: none
Zodiac: Horse Weapon: Large, single edged sword, and anything he gets his hands on
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Home: Isle of the Zodiac
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Tea
Favourite alcoholic drink: Red wine
Quote: Siobhan: You're drunk aren't you?
          Tony: Probably.

Best card game: Poker and I Doubt It (games involving bluffing)
Tony is the middle of the three, between the sisters. He is tall and thin, wearing a baggy shirt and trousers, and because of this many people pick a fight expecting him to be weak, only to be shocked by his brute strength and near incapability of feeling pain. His deceptive strength is believed to originate from his zodiac sign, as horses are very strong despite their slender frames, but why he can take a beating and still stand is a mystery to everyone who knows him.

Tony's strangest quirk is regarding alcohol. When he is sober he is lacking in manners and apparently common sense with a tough guy attitude, which embarrasses his sisters, Siobhan in particular. Yet when he is drunk he is a perfect gentleman who uses his head and is excellent at solving puzzles. When the three visit a town he is most likely to be seen in a gym or a bar sampling the local wine once he has done his shopping. Whatever you do don't call him an alcoholic, especially in Siobhan's absence, it'll only get you hurt.

Name: Sarah
Age: 14
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Doesn't check
Gender: female
Magic: Elemental
Zodiac: Monkey Weapon: Bow and arrows
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Home: Isle of the Zodiac
Favourite drink: Orangeade (Fanta is a favourite)
Least favourite flavours: Medicine and alcohol
Quote: "EEW! I hate medicine!"
Best card game: Dai Hin Min
Sarah is the youngest of the three, and the most chaotic. She loves treasure and longs for adventure, but is often cut short because of her sister's logic and her brother's strength. Don't let her cute face and ditzy antics fool you, if you put her in a pinch she won't hesitate to fire arrows or magic (most likely fire) in your general direction. She is the least tolerant of alcohol, and can't stand it anyway. She also hates the taste of most medicines.

Sarah often gets herself into trouble with people, to wind up getting saved by Siobhan and a lecture about using one's head.

As a monkey, she is pretty agile and adaptable. She routinely uses her sign and her siblings' serious attitude as excuses for her immaturity. Her buying is often pretty impulsive and more often than not expensive items, making her dangerous with money. In fact, she occasionally tries to take the moneybag off of her sister.

Name: Raven (known as Ra-chan)
Age: 18 (or so she says)
Weight: Asking will most likely result in the loss of a limb or two
Magic: Relies on technology for everything. She is always carrying at least one weapon and has indestructable (and unbelievably sharp)
          "spider legs" which are kept in a machine on her back as well as many other things ( e.g medicines and first aid equipment)
Allignment: Generally neutral (though is known to try and kill or at least torture those who annoy her or any of her close friends)
Hometown: Unknown, alien planet
Favourite Drink: cold apple juice
Favourite Weapon: The disintegrator 3000
Dragoon Rage: Yet to be announced
Appears in TFWC
Ra-chan is a friend of Sam's that she met in reality, she sometimes appears to be human, but make no mistake, she's an alien to the core. As she attempts world domination, she sees Etherial as a rival. After getting fed up with some of Ekleipsis's comments, she spends her free time torturing him rather than Alex who was once her poor victim (though this as mainly due to boredom rather than him actually annoying or angering her) Sam, who also hates the hermit, turns a blind eye and often drags Alex away to let her get on with it.

Ra-chan also loves demons and collects typo imps, the most basic form of typo demon. She has been permitted to do so, as long as they stay in her room and do not evolve (she decided against it when she learned they eat each other to grow stronger).

Ra-chan is rarely seen without at least one of her two companions, Jeff and Unipron.