The Fourth Wall Complex
A Collaboration From The Dragoon Rage Team

Before we begin, perhaps we should take a look at the meaning of the "fourth wall", just so that those who are unfamiliar with the term (most likely those who just came out from under their rock) will have something to stand on before we give way to the larger picture and knock you off your feet.

The "Fourth Wall", according to Wikipedia, is the imaginary invisible barrier at the front of the stage in a theater through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play. In other words, this barrier allows us a window to see the things going on in a realm or another world; however it prevents us from participating in the events that happen. It makes us spectators.

Very boring.

For a long time, authors and artists have been hacking away at this barrier, usually cracking and demolishing it for the pure purpose of creating humorous events, and even to draw the audience in so they no longer feel left out.

With that explained, we can now tell you what this is about. Once the Fourth Wall was obliterated, and then had its ruins burnt to ashes (by our friend Jen) everything from both realms were able to pass the border. While this was great and all, there was one thing people had forgotten: the extreme forces of good and evil that was a constant plot tool used in fantasy. These extremities soon discovered the new realm in which they could take over and use to their advantages, and the chaos soon began. Wars broke out; thousands of sieges laid waste to reality and caused a great deal of bloodshed. Fortunately, as in most stories, there was a small band of heroes. These heroes were the authors and artists who originally destroyed the wall. They quickly put an end to the "battle of realms" by rebuilding the barrier, the Fourth Wall. However, to satisfy their needs of being able to go between both realms, they rebuilt the wall in the form of a complex; each part of the wall consisting of several building units. This is where our comic takes place: right within the Fourth Wall. Of course, what makes this place all the more fun, and makes the title a great, witty pun is that all of its inhabitants all suffer from the same thing: a psychological abnormality caused by being bent on escaping reality to live in fantasy, otherwise known as "The Fourth Wall Complex".

This comic will hopefully be done with the rest of us here at Dragoon Rage to help give a diverse feeling to the audience, since this comic is not solely based on Alex and everything else around Alex