Here's a list of some other awsome web comics/videos that'll make you laugh ^_^

Exterminatus Now - What do you get when you take Warhammer 40k, Sonic styled characters, and 4 British guys?
                              Something better than this, hopefully. ((taken from webcomiclist's description))

Fireball20xl - One of the ultimate collection of web comic artists.
                       It's also the place that inspired me to start making Dragoonrage. :D

Red Vs. Blue - A tale based in the Halo Realm. Funnies garanteed.

Misfile - Oh the intriguing ways an angel can screw up.

Nuklear Power - Home of the Eight Bit Theater.

The Fate's End Pub Our Forum. Check it out man!

New Grounds The worlds largest collection of flash animations.

Anime-Onslaught- Though it has died and passed away, please stop by and look around.
                           Perhaps someday a valiant hero will come and resurect it.

Blood Sun- a collection of Anime produced by authors that live in the Ottawa area.